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Re: Moving Forward with American Forests

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:06 pm
by dbhguru

Echo what Don has said.

The path from where we started with AF to where we want to go is long and circuitous. Currently, the NTS role is primarily through Don's and my participation in the MGWG, which involves helping AF plan the measuring mission to attain higher achievement and designing the necessary products. But when the time comes, the services of others of you will be needed. We will have to be able to deliver.

Don and I know that you are firmly on board, as are about 8 to 10 others. It's a good start, and about what AF's Ian Leahy sees as doable. He is a realist. From there, hopefully, the NTS contribution will grow as others catch fire. Pushing the envelope will attract more to our ranks when they come to understand that NTS will be the primary source for the National Cadre.

As a general observation, our NTS mission requires constant interaction with others. We won't get to where we want to go by living in the bubble of our own creation. We can post as often as we want within our BBS, but it is clear that many other players in the game don't pay much attention to our big tree discoveries and confirmations. Otherwise, we would see a movement to truth in the numbers. We may think we're great, and we are, but others out there are convinced that they are doing it right too, and they often carry accepted academic and/or professional credentials. In a one-on-one, we don't lose, but nothing forces others to pay us heed. That is why the American Forests connection is so important. AF has lots of standing, and we can benefit from it, as they can benefit from our expertise. This new partnership with AF will be a win-win situation.