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Re: Is it time for a National Big Tree Database/website?

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:43 pm
by gjschmidt
Am I missing something here (I may be, I have not been following long)? Doesn't this forum already recommend a database?
The database is pretty nice, since it displays your choice of measurement units. I have been browsing the forum for new listed size measurements with great interest. However, it doesn't appear that many of the records in the forum make it into the database. Is this just a matter of taking the time to enter the data into the database site?

Also a parting thought about taxonomy and nomenclature. Whichever name someone uses for a tree should refer back to a standard taxonomy and spelling (see Also, the interest that this group has in quality size measurements reminds me of the scrutiny that phytogeographers use before accepting new county records for plant distribution maps. Perhaps NTS could talk to John Kartesz about linking tree size with tree distribution (e.g. query the BONAP database to report a list of tree species of a certain size class that occur in your county).