Measuring Equipment Modification Ideas

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Re: Measuring Equipment Modification Ideas

Post by Don » Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:54 pm

The planets must be aligning! I saw that my iPhone's Clinometer App was prompting me for to upgrade, and after I'd done so I opened up the App to see what had changed...don't know if you have it yet (it's very cheap for the quality app it is!), it'll be hard to explain, but here goes:

Looking at the Clinometer screen held in your hand, the "circle" that was the 'clinometer wheel' is now transparent and if you were standing in one of your nearby parks you would be looking through the camera field at a tree with a variation of a reticle ready for you to 'move' the reticle up by tilting the iPhone to the tree top, and read this fine accelerometer-based Clinometer (to .1 degree, if you're good)...all you gotta do is:

Upgrade App
Touch the 'movie' icon in upper left quadrant of Clinometer screen

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