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Re: Aerial Drones

Post by PAwildernessadvocate » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:25 am

This is great! ... -ordinance

Colorado Town Considers Drone-Hunting Ordinance

As the death toll from U.S. drone strikes overseas rises and the launch date for 30,000 domestic drones draws nearer, some citizens are deciding to launch their own preemptive strike.

In a rural town about an hour east of Denver, Colorado, the town council is considering issuing licenses to residents to shoot down drones.

A tie vote on the matter held Tuesday night by the town board pushed the final decision off until November. Should the ordinance be approved, residents of Deer Trail, Colorado, could purchase a drone hunting license for $25. Then, if a licensee happens to take one down, he can bring in the wreckage for a $100 reward.

It’s not potential deaths by drone-fired missiles that prompted Deer Trail resident Phillip Steel to draft the unusual proposal, however. Steel says the measure is a "symbolic" act of resistance to the increasingly invasive surveillance activities of the federal government.
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Re: Aerial Drones

Post by Joe » Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:34 am

the only problem with shooting down drones is that the bullets could hurt someone or damage somebody's property

if someone is duck hunting, they're shooting in the air, but that's usually out in some wild area-- not in a community

so, some regs will be needed to protect others--- probably using bird shot that won't go far and the shooter will have to be sure there is nothing in that direction that might get hit

it's probably all some kind of joke, but I think the American public doesn't want drones flying over their houses, in the same way they don't like the NSA listening to their conversations and reading their emails

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Re: Aerial Drones

Post by JulesBartow » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:38 am

What difference does it make whether someone uses the sidewalk in front of my house, the neighbor behind me can see me in my hot tub, people driving by in their cars can watch me pick my nose while I cut the grass in the front yard, a satellite overhead captures an image or a drone flies by? I hear horns honking, trains tooting, planes and helicopters flying by, dogs barking, and road traffic from the parkway a 1/2 mile away. Anyone getting excited by drones is ignoring all the other "intrusions into our privacy". Get over it.

It's not quite black and white. Do I want a DJI Phantom, Draganfly quad- hexa- or octo- copter or propelled helium balloon with quiet brushless electric motors and streaming video hovering outside my bedroom window while I'm making love to my girlfriends and my teenage daughter and her friends are skinny dipping in the pool? No. The woods surrounding the pool are marked as an archery range --and I have a bunch of William Tell destroyed carbon fiber arrows that ensure the local high school boys don't trespass. If you sneak in, you'll leave a blood trail on the way out. Shooting UAVs with a [cross]bow and arrow is quiet, but you tend to lose arrows. More importantly: imperiling your neighbors with impalation ain't cool. Shotguns are fine if you're in the middle of a corn field surrounded by pastures, soy beans and wheat. But that would be an agri-copter you're probably shooting at.

If you're within range of my throw bag and Big Shot (used by arborist to put a climbing line into the crown) on my property, your UAS just became mine. Good luck getting it back. Lead shot glued to ribbon fouls the propellers. A RC 2.4GHz 6=channel jammer and GPS jammer (broadband noise and continuous wave interference signals within the GPS L1 carrier frequency 1575.42 ± 2 MHz pass band of the Coarse Acquisition code and Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP) antenna ) will cause the drone issues, especially if it doesn't have a RLG INS equivalent built in.

Is it ok for the local sheriff to do the same thing outside the window of a woman known for prostitution or teenagers suspected of drinking beer? What if they're trying to catch a drug dealer and hover over, or by the wrong address? Do they need a warrant to search via a UAS, or would whatever they see be commonly available to anyone with a UAS, giving them free reign?

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