New Forest Change Study-read and enjoy

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New Forest Change Study-read and enjoy

Post by wisconsitom » Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:19 am ... l.pdf+html

I've already got a few niggles with this the authors themselves indicate is likely to happen. I didn't find the treatment of hemlock at all satisfactory in this paper. Seemed to be arriving at conclusions contrary to the initial postulates of the study....but then interestingly, folding them into the results as supportive data. And the anthropogenic easily......let me restate.....EASILY......outweighs the other factors alleged to have influenced the current situation with regard to that species. None of which is to say the authors in any sense seemed not to be aware of such issues as heavy, neigh, relentless harvesting pressure on that tree here in eastern Wisconsin simply to provide tan bark........or of course, today's issue with HWA.

Then too, the study is trying to take a big bite, and maybe I myself need to do a bit more chewing. Not sure what to think.

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Re: New Forest Change Study-read and enjoy

Post by dbhguru » Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:39 am


At this point, my take largely supports yours. Much of what I read in the paper simply reaffirms the obvious, albeit through the customary scientific citation process. The one area of vast importance that forest scientists usually tiptoe around is the impact of long term abhorrent timber practices. I'll stop here.

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