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Re: Manomet Biomass Study Discussion

Post by James Parton » Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:26 am


I would love to see a book written on ENTS. That would be so cool! ENTS has been very rewarding for me and has affected the way I look at forests. I have met, both in person and online many outstanding people here, like you and I have learned much. As far as the BBS is concerned, it has been a big plus for us. Ed has done excellent with it. My personal opinion on ENTS is that we should continue to keep our measuring and documentation mission at our core but maybe encourage a boost in other topics. Like the aesthetic and spiritual aspects of trees and stories/mythology that include trees. I gotta admit. I love that stuff. I hope to contribute more to that effect myself since I have started studying druidism. I would also love to hear people's personal stories with trees/forests/places that were dear to them in the past, or present. Gaines is a good example. He obviously loves his woodlands! Remember my " Return to Pooh Corner " post on Google? It was a sentimental post I did concerning a forest from my childhood. Jennifer Dudley is another whose artistic posts I really enjoy.

Yeah, we've had a few party-crashers but they have been fairly minimal. Ed makes a good policeman! But overall most of us do really well. There is nothing wrong with having a strong opinion once in a while.

Thumbs up to Mitch and his project. It will be posted when complete? Right?

Bob, I do hope to come up for a visit, and hopefully not to long away. Late next year I gain another vacation week from work. That may be the thing that makes it possible! Thanks for inviting me and making me feel welcome. I would love to see the " James Parton " pine!!

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