My Beltaine Observance.

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My Beltaine Observance.

Post by James Parton » Mon May 23, 2011 12:25 pm

I had a wonderful Beltaine observance this year. I lit a beltaine fire on both Friday and Saturday nights and burned candles around the house all beltaine weekend. It proved easy to do because my wife had gone on a vacation to Florida to visit a friend. Sarah, my 14 year old daughter sit by the fire with me while I welcomed the coming summer and celebrated the union between the Lord and lady. In my belief, Jehovah God and Mother Earth ( Dana ). I explained to Sarah what Beltaine was about and told a few stories. It was the first time she had sit by an open flame since her visit to Camp Tekoa back in 04.

On Beltaine day itself, I celebrated by listening to Celtic music all day long.

After Beltaine, I bought two outside oil lanterns for fire festivals, just in case of rain or wind where an open flame would not be safely possible. I put two hooks up to hang them under the porch eves.

I am a bit behind on posting this. I am also doing a long lesson in the NOD Ovate course as well as an ENTS post I need to do.
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