I am a Druid

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I am a Druid

Post by deepwater » Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:41 pm

I am a Druid by birth so says my grandfather,,Its taken me about 50 years to feel this,,It all started back in the mid to late 50s,,I was 7 or maybe 8 when grandpa really started taking me out with him more than any of my other brothers,,He kept saying your the one you have it and the line will go on,,I just loved being in the woods with him and eating strange things cooking tubers boiling barks and drinking nasty stuff,,Out of my other brothers I was the only one to spend time overnight with grandpa and grandma,,This went on for several years and we moved away but grandpa would find time to come for me 2x a week and most weekends,,We had no seasons we hunted fished and trapped harvested plants and mushrooms and grandma used it all,,Through all this I never saw the hard side of my mom coming to lite,,I was late getting home from school missed the buss and came across the fields to the backdoor,,I heard mom yelling at someone in the hall ,,before I could speak I heard grandpa say its not your choice or his and mom yelled he is my son and I say what he is not you or your kind,,mom said leave and don't ever come back you cant have him I forbid it get out,,I came around the corner into the hall and grandpa looked over my moms shoulder and said He is a Druid and nothing you say will ever change that,,I ran out and grandpa said don't worry it will all work out,,I was 17 and that was the first time I had heard the word Druid come from my grandfathers mouth,,I asked mom what was going on why whats this Druid stuff,,all she said was its over and done ,,I went out to his car and he drove away and 3 years later he died and I entered the military ,,I traveled the world and saw many wonderful places and some very nasty things too,,The pull and the push of the forest is always strong in me and I never knew why until 3 years ago,,I'm home I have a forest and grandpa walked it with me and I'm remembering things from way back,,sad things and wonderful things and I'm at peace for the first time in many years,,To just lay in the moss and see how it grows and the British soldiers on the stumps are wonderful,,I guess I have come full circle
Through my eyes you still see,,through my lungs you still breath,,in my heart you will live forever

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Re: I am a Druid

Post by James Parton » Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:37 pm


Your life and upbringing sounds a lot like mine. I grew up playing in the forest and fishing the local creeks. My dad hunted a lot and we always had a constant suppy of venison, squirrel and rabbit. And then we had all the fish we caught. I picked up hunting for awhile and actually learned how to clean a squirrel by improvising my catfish cleaning method. Dad would always gather mushrooms, polk salad and many other wild plants for food and drink. I used to carry Sumac Lemonade, also known as Indian Tea to school in a thermos bottle and Chinkapin nuts in a sandwich bag. Dad also did a lot on herbalism and experimented making his own medicines. And then I had all my scientific hobbies, Astronomy, geology, etc.

Did you know that dandelion flowers rolled in egg and cornmeal tastes a lot like mild okra?

Though I was never called a " druid " back then I started hearing it later in my adulthood. A friend has called me " Stumper " and " Druid " for quite some time. Feel proud of your " druid " and country heritage! I am sure others here started their love for the forest as we have. If I remember right, Will Blozan told me he grew up " in the woods " too.
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