ENTS & OBOD. The Druid Grove.

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ENTS & OBOD. The Druid Grove.

Post by James Parton » Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:46 am

Hey, ENTS!

I just posted to show you a new site I have been communicating with since about Friday. It is the Druid Grove forum of the OBOD Druid organization. I have studied druids and neo-druidism and of course celtic mythology for some time. While I have not yet joined OBOD itself, I have joined their forum. Forests and trees are a big topic here so an ENT can feel quite at home. This site can help fill a need for me on the spiritual and artistic aspects of trees that ENTS itself has not quite been able to do. Of course, ENTS rules on the scientific and documentation side. I plan to stay with ENTS but will be a member of the Druid's Grove as well. Through the " Grove " and maybe eventually OBOD I may be able to contribute to ENTS is some new way that I have not done yet. Time will tell.

By the way, OBOD does not center druidism around religion like some other neo-druid organizations. It teaches it as more of a philosophy. Like ENTS, it will be a learning experience, however A druid here can choose to include religion into their practices if they wish, yes, even a Christian as myself can take their course and become a druid. I will choose it more from a philosophical angle though.

Anyway, I don't know enough to explain it. Check out the sites. Their BBS is on the same provider as ours so it is familiar to me.



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