Adirondack Life Article on Erik

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Adirondack Life Article on Erik

Post by ElijahW » Sun Nov 08, 2020 8:52 am


Here’s the Adirondack Life article about Erik Danielsen’s recent remeasure of the Ampersand White Pine:

A few details are a little bit off, but it’s overall a good piece. Congratulations, Erik.


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Re: Adirondack Life Article on Erik

Post by RayA » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:15 am

Well done Erik, Rob, and everyone else involved, congratulations!

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Re: Adirondack Life Article on Erik

Post by dbhguru » Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:27 am

Erik, and others.

Very good article. Great job, Erik and team. Although I was sorry not to be there, it sounds like article captured the spirit of the group. The significance of the great Ampersand Pine deserves to be told through a variety of perspectives. However, I can't resist putting some numbers on the biomass and carbon significance of this tree.

Using FIA-COLE, the above ground biomass of the pine is 6.63 regular tons. Adding 15% for the underground part yields 7.6 tons. This is equivalent to 27.8 tons of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere. Assuming the pine is 250 years old (no idea), then it has averaged 55,600/250 = 222.4 lbs of CO2 per year over the course its life. Of course, the annual amount would have varied greatly, starting off at a very low absolute amount, but increasing at a higher percentage rate. Later the annual amount would be greater, and by a lot, but a declining percentage rate. Should this tree add a twentieth of a foot in circumference and a third of a foot in height in the next growing season, the increase in CO2 absorption (above and below ground) would be a whopping 455.1 lbs. This huge pine is doing yeoman services for the climate.

Some Internet sources state that a mature tree sequesters and average of 48 lbs of CO2 annually - a ridiculous generalization. For a large tree in good health, the annual amount can easily be 200 to 300 lbs, and obviously more for the Ampersand Pine.

I'll pass the baton to Erik and others to discuss wildlife values and other ecological services provided by of the Ampersand Pine.

Robert T. Leverett
Co-founder, Native Native Tree Society
Co-founder and President
Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest
Co-founder, National Cadre

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