"Under the shadow of Millennia" - Ulivi millenari a Strudà

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"Under the shadow of Millennia" - Ulivi millenari a Strudà

Post by edfrank » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:22 pm

"Under the shadow of Millennia" - Ulivi millenari a Strudà (Vernole)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IduPTSe9 ... _embedded#

Italian with English subtitles

It 'a documentary made in collaboration with the association Pro Loco of Vernon and the participation of the President Livio De Carlo, who accompanied us on the path traced by ancient olive trees in the territory of the City of Vernon. Located in the countryside of village of Strudà, near the Colonial Visciglia, these huge trees were between 700 and 2000 years and are the true monuments of nature. Sculptures of wood, each of these great trees is something that changes from person to person, hugging, human faces, animals, objects, imagination can span as the richness and variety of shapes and colors. "Under the shadow of Millennia" I anticipate this visual journey through the beautiful older.

The video was produced by Salento Life, a project funded by the Region of Puglia, Active Ingredients - young ideas for a better Puglia. For more content visit http://www.salentolifeweb.com and follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter.
For information about the ancient olive trees and possible guided tours: http://www.prolocovernole.it
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