Interested in Tree Datasets

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Interested in Tree Datasets

Post by peterm » Mon Apr 03, 2023 8:16 am

I found this site through a google search of something like "Tree Numerical Identifier" (was more interested in IDs for species than a specific tree in a specific location, however I'm not not interested in that either). The results led me to discussion from this group about ID systems being discussed which were focused on measurements taken by a specific observer on a specific location on a specific day.

Since I generally like to understand ID systems as well as am personally interested in history, geography, geology and the outdoors (especially sailing and salt water areas) and trees if i'm on land, I thought I'd look up what exists in terms tree datasets so I can load them and build out some dashboards. I just started the project this weekend so I'm very early in the process. Glad I found this community and looking forward to going through some of the historical posts. I'm based in NYC but have travelled the NE a fair bit and lived in Boston after college.

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Re: Interested in Tree Datasets

Post by dbhguru » Mon Apr 03, 2023 10:58 am

Peter (I think),

Welcome aboard. We have many, many datasets. Most include the measurement of one or more tree dimensions. There are many ways that the measurements can be organized, e.g., by species, geographical region, dimension, etc. One of the most useful datasets has been compiled by super-Ent Brian Beduhn. However, you may want to correspond with some of us via email to narrow down what you'd be looking for and how the data would be presented.

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