What Projects Are You Working On?

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Will Blozan
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Re: What Projects Are You Working On?

Post by Will Blozan » Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:33 pm


I hear ya- but man, to freely give the last sixteen years of my volunteer, hard, bust-ass effort with ENTS to just anyone just doesn't sit well with me. Some bonehead can access our data, write a paper and receive accolades for it with no effort on their part (other than a token citation). Sure, it would be credible work but it is not US doing it.

I agree, some peer-reviewed stuff would be great but much of it currently in the works is being shot down. The audience is not receptive. Good data or not, the interest is not there yet.


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Re: What Projects Are You Working On?

Post by edfrank » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:18 am


You have a valid point. I want to see publications that use our data be completed by people who are actively participating in the ENTS organization. I don't think we should be simply a data source for a brief citation - an equivalent of a pat on the head like we are a pet dog. There is data that people have personally collected through sweat and hard work that warrants being held tight until the right circumstances. But on the other hand there is some information that we don't really need to hold that tight. There is material where we would benefit from a wider distribution. I wish I could cite a specific example.... I will think about the differences between the two and post again later.

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Re: What Projects Are You Working On?

Post by hamadryad » Sat May 26, 2012 4:55 am

This thread has been most enlightening for me, and very appropriate reading as I move from an observational naturalist to formal scientist.

I have failed myself and my wider community of tree lovers by not recognising and engaging with this forum as much as I clearly should have been.

I myself will be starting what may well evolve into a truly immense project in the very near future and shall spend some time looking through the pages here to see what I can add to the "community" here.

I thank you Edward Frank for introducing me to NTS and for constantly reminding me of its presence out there in the Ether.

I will see you all in the pages some more,


tony croft

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