Nature and Animal Webcams

The philosophy and techinques of shooting video. Discussions of equipment, editing, and software. Videos meant to document a specific tree or site should be place in te proper section of the trip reports section.

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Nature and Animal Webcams

Post by edfrank » Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:11 pm

Nature Webcams Portal -

Animal Webcams Portal -

Hummingbird Nest - Phoebe is a Channel Island Allen (S.s. sedentarius) hummingbird in Orange County, California. She has been laying 4 to 5 clutches each year for several years and I've been broadcasting her nest since 2007.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park - The live webcam provides views about The Look Rock - ... tionalpark

The Franklin Institute Hawk Nest Webcam - View of the birds from The Franklin Institute Hawk Nest, Philadelphia. The birds are back in the city for your viewing pleasure. The Franklin does not receive revenue nor is it responsible for any advertising content on Ustream. ... tehawknest

Volcano live at Thorolfsfell - You can see the volcano eruption on Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. This camera is at Þórólfsfell, at the north of Eyjafjallajökull. The material from the camera is sent through Milas connections in the area. ... orolfsfell

Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility Webcam - View of The Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility (WRCCRF) from Crane Tower, University of Washington. ... chfacility

"I love science and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awe by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and revigorate it." by Robert M. Sapolsky

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