Microsoft Music Producer for PC

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Microsoft Music Producer for PC

Post by edfrank » Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:04 am


I previously mentioned the program Microsoft Music Producer. It is a free MIDI music generator that can be used by the non-musically inclined to generate a simple music track that can be used as background music on some of the videos that you are creating.
Screenshot of Microsoft Music Producer
Screenshot of Microsoft Music Producer
You would be amazed if you took the time to listen to the movies and nature programs we see on television and the pervasiveness of background music. It is there and we don't even notice it most of the time. I suppose my revelation in this respect came when I watched a movie on the 1989 Bay Bridge Collapse in California. The movie did not have any background music - it was stark and different and that lack of background music just jumped out at me. It was like a news on location shot..

If people wanted to add music, but did not want to use proprietary music materials for their videos three are a couple of sources you can choose from. at there are many public domain works available, though they tend to favor older music saved from 78's. There are other materials, you just need to search through he archives for something appropriate. For those that want to generate your own music but are not musicians, there is another option to consider. Microsoft Music Producer

Microsoft Music Producer (Windows platform - it runs fine on XP, Vista and Windows 7) is a midi file generator. it makes midi music clips in various styles. There are default settings for several dozen music styles, along with options to change instruments, tempo, key, length, personality, and shape of the music. it is in effect elevator music-like but looking through he thousands of combinations there are several that could be appropriate for a short nature video or slide show. This is free. You can choose the length of the music piece generated, with or without intros and closings. It is unfortunate that Microsoft Music Producer only will produce .mid file (Don't save anything in its proprietary own format, choose the .mid format instead.)

Why it is a annoyance is because the .mid file generated by MMP must be converted to something usable by the video editing program. Fortunately there is another FREE program called Jet Audio that can do the conversion. Download the Basic program - it is the only one free, but it does what you need. Use this program to convert the .mid file to a .wav file. Then the sound file can be imported into the Microsoft Movie Maker and then dragged to the sound timeline.
Presently I am using a different converter program "Free MIDI to MP3 Converter" from to create MP3's out of the .mid files for use in editing programs.
For Mac platforms Gary Beluzo recommends: "I am creating my own music (guitar, keyboards, strings, etc) with Apple's GARAGEBAND software which is a multitrack digital studio replete with hundreds of instrument "voices" to be played, overdubbed, and mixed." I don't know anything about it.
The link I originally gave for the program and patch needed to make it work (The program expired in 1998) is no longer active. I did find another site in Germany with the file. Rather than providing a link that may only be temporary I have opted to upload the installation file here. Simply unzip the package to a temporary directory and follow the instructions on the included text file for installation. If yo don't follow the instructions exactly, the program will not work, ad you must delete everything and start over again.
MS Music
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If you are running windows 8, then the patch will not work. The program will be installed by default to
C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Music Producer

unzip the file below and replacing the MUSCPROD.EXE file version in that directory with the patched version contained in the attached zip file.
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Re: Microsoft Music Producer for PC

Post by kamikazeattacks » Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:56 pm

And do you have all Blue Ribbon Soundworks' software and more styles to use with Microsoft Music Producer ? :) I'll be very very thankful if you post here this software. :)

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