"Bob and the Trees"

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"Bob and the Trees"

Post by Joe » Sun May 01, 2016 6:18 am

Believe it or not- it’s true. As a Netflix addict- I’m always looking for new films. So, last night I see one called, “Bob and the Trees”, subtitled, “When a proud, middle-aged logger in the Berkshires falls on hard times, a creeping desperation drives him to obey his ever-darkening instincts.” At first, just seeing the title, I thought it might be about Bob Leverett, but of course, no desperation or darkening instincts from THAT Bob.

Yikes, I thought- I must be hallucinating- a film about an old logger showing up on Netflix? That’s impossible.

But it’s there: https://www.netflix.com/search/bob%20an ... bp=0&jbr=0

So, it turns out that the film was made by a small film crew in the south Berkshire area- and it’s “starring” a local licensed forester (??) / logger/farmer by the name of Bob Tarasuk- whose name I had heard years ago but who I’ve never met. The story seems very authentic- the language is right on- and the not easy life of a logger is portrayed. The story seems to his real story, but that’s not made clear.

And here all this time I thought I’d be the guy who’d star in a movie about forestry/logging!

Seriously though, it’s worth watching. It won’t win any academy awards- and it may not remain on Netflix for long- so be sure to watch it, for those of you who have no idea how difficult it is to actually WORK in the forest.

There are some details that aren’t quite right but I just overlook them. Maybe this’ll start a series on the subject- the series should be called, “The Real World of Forestry/Logging”.


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Re: "Bob and the Trees"

Post by Don » Sun May 01, 2016 12:56 pm

Although from another time and the West Coast, I'd have to recommend both the book and the movie "Sometimes a Great Notion" by Ken Kesey. Sort of a logger family meets Union thugs variation on a theme, but in any case, logging in the temperate rainforest of Western Oregon.
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