Black Oak, Mtn Grove Cemetery

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Black Oak, Mtn Grove Cemetery

Post by ryandallas » Mon Oct 29, 2018 11:24 am

Recently I went to Mountain Grove Cemetery, the resting place of PT Barnum, and found a large black oak tree there. It's really easy to locate. It's on the "main drag" that leads to North Avenue.

I got the following measurements:

Ht: 78.5 ft.
Girth at breast height: 14' 8".

Unfortunately I could not obtain a crown width measurement because it started raining almost as soon as I got there. My guess is that the tree is slightly less wide than it is tall, about 70' wide.

Overall it is a well-formed and noble tree.

Edit: this post would not upload when I tried to attach a photo, are others having a similar problem?

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