Giant Sycamore in Mingo Creek Park Badly Damaged

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Giant Sycamore in Mingo Creek Park Badly Damaged

Post by sjhalow » Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:54 pm

On April 14th the top broke off of a giant sycamore in Washington County's Mingo Creek Park.
This evening I stopped by to check out the damage. Despite of the constant rain I managed to take a few pics.

Pic of tree from distance
View up through hollow center of tree
View from the southwest
View from the southeast
Small window cut out of the tree.
I'm not sure why they did this? Maybe to check the integrity of the trunk, or to attach a chain to pull it over. Anyone have any ideas?

I first measured this tree in March 2010. Back then the height was 100.5' and cbh was 21'-3". I got 21'-7" when I re-measured the cbh today. Can't say for sure that it has grown that much in the last 4 years because the tree has a substantial flare at the base and it's hard to tell if I measured it at the exact same height.

I visit the park quite often and had noticed that the tree has been in decline for the last 2 or 3 years. About 30' of height remain on the tree. There are 3 remaining branches that look like they are still viable. The trunk seems to be fairly sound. I think this tree could reiterate a bit and maybe survive for a few more decades. According to the park superintendent, the fate of the tree has not been decided. He says in an article in the Washington County Observer Reporter that he's heard from a lot of folks who have fond memories of the tree. I think he may be open to the idea of preserving the tree. His number is listed in the article, if there are any Ents out there who can offer some expertise, it may help save this tree!

Here's are links to two articles in the Washington Observer Reporter. ... 17jiPldXCs ... 17jyPldXCs

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