True Nature: Revising Ideas On What is Pristine and Wild

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Postby Don » Tue May 21, 2013 12:36 am

I hadn't foreseen this reactionary flare in your personality spectrum, I had rather thought that you would have been supportive of this generally considered green source of energy, as opposed of all the resource commodity extraction sources to energy.  You kinda define the NIMBY "yeah it's a good thing in somebody else's back yard, but not mine" enviro stance.
Having said that, not really to get a rise out of you, but just to lay out how it seems from somebody out West, we have a lot of conflict out here in the West, in the middle of the, as you say, @)$()@$^Y)( desert, specifically the Mojave Desert, a massive solar farm (see High Country News a couple of issues back) that has captured the ire of enviros because of their disruption of the desert tortoise and a few other environmental concerns of what the massive footprint does to the otherwise pristine desert (well, they did have a couple years worth of 500 dirt bike racers run across the area sometime back).  And probably less than a 100 miles away, there's the wind farm associated with the Tehachapi Pass section of Highway 58, to the West of the Mojave solar farm. Seems birds are falling prey to the wildly swinging props...
My solution also has problems...the tidal influx in a number of funneling inlets should be producing electricity, but what impact to marine life?

We gotsta keep it in our pants, boys...this procreation stuff is getting out of hand, it's even late for ZPG (zero population growth)...time for locusts, or plagues, seems like we really can't get a war going that really is effective, although sectarian violence in the mid-East might be inline with such a program.  

What to do, what to do, time to follow Alice?
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