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#1)  Facebook Group called Old Growth Tree Climbing

Postby oxman » Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:28 pm

Howdy, big tree lovers!
Just wanted to invite everyone to join the new Facebook Group called Old Growth Tree Climbing.

See pics & movies, or post your own scenes of fantastic trees!
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#2)  Re: Facebook Group called Old Growth Tree Climbing

Postby AndrewJoslin » Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:05 pm

Hello Oxman,
I'm thinking there are not a lot of climbers on the NTS forum, could be wrong but most NTS members do ground-based measuring. The other part is how controversial climbing on PNW old-growth is. Damn, climbing in the woods is controversial where I am in the northeast U.S. I know there are a lot of "politics", legal and legitimate ethical concern around this issue between canopy researchers, pro climbers and/or rec climbers and other tree/forest advocates as well as law enforcement personnel. Don't know what the answer is. I believe climbing almost any tree* can be done ethically, ie: not damaging or changing/affecting anything in the tree or on the ground habitat but... it's a tough sell, all it takes is one climber or group of climbers to create negative impacts in old-growth forest to undermine our credibility. At any rate it would be cool if there could be more effort among woods tree climbers to spread the word and promote a culture of "leave no trace" ethics in forest and wilderness tree climbing.

*I absolutely believe no one should be targeting high profile trees for climbing or "peak bagging" unless it is for specific non-destructive (to the tree or habitat) research. There are so many great trees out there, more than any of us could ever climb in a lifetime or two or three lifetimes, no need to be up in the tallest or the most notable.

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