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Postby Larry Tucei » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:39 am

Bob-   This is what I say-  NTS is an elite group of people that have a passion far beyond the average Joe, Jane.  The data we have collected over the years is astonishing. The climate down in the Deep South keeps me from posting much in the summer months. However in the winter I'm super active and love posting my finds to this forum. I also post on Facebook but only to Friend and Friends of Friends.  Has NTS run its course no way-   If you want to reach the public sure Facebook, Twitter etc is the way to go.  But remember this only a minority of people love the Forest and Trees.  I'd like to know the percentage of that!  Getting our Data to VT is great for Historical Records and Academia.  The connections I have made since I joined NTS have been outstanding and the places I'm been thanks to all of you fantastic.  I would have never made such a difference with Live Oak Data, Pine Data, Tree Data and so on without NTS. I most likely would not have traveled to most of those places. I feel we should continue the Mission and for the producers we will continue to roll on. Any members that want to drop off that is their preference but I for one remain steadfast.  Larry

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Postby Erik Danielsen » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:01 pm

edfrank wrote:Erik

The reason I first became involved with the Eastern Native Tree Society, and took over as the webmaster many years ago was to preserve the information being presented in the various forum posts so that it would not simply fade away.  I still see that as a valuable service provided by the NTS BBS and want to see it continue to serve that purpose long into the future.  I am not and have not suggested that it be replaced by the Facebook Group, but that both groups be considered different subsets of the Native Tree Society as a whole.


Ed, I certainly wasn't meaning to suggest that you thought the facebook group would replace the BBS. I and I'm sure everyone else here are indebted to your work maintaining this webforum, and I find myself very much in agreement with your thoughts in this thread.
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Postby dbhguru » Sat Oct 14, 2017 7:49 pm


   Today I was privileged to make a presentation on old-growth forest and big trees of Massachusetts at the 3rd Berkshire Natural History Conference held at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA. The presentation went over well - in fact, very well. There were lots of numbers on big trees and superlative forest sites to accompany the photos. I even sneaked in a slide showing some of the formulas we use to measure tree height. I kept the presentation on the light side with self-effacing humor, and that was appreciated. Afterward, several attendees communicated to me that they had received a valuable education on the exceptional trees of Massachusetts. They accepted the information as absolutely authoritative.

   As Monica and I drove home, I reflected on the roll that NTS has played in getting us to where we are today, enabling solid information to be shared with attendees, information they could get nowhere else such as the state's champion tree program, scientific studies, and timber surveys. And it couldn't have come from non-NTS big tree aficionados using unsophisticated measuring methods. I felt pretty good about what had happened. For me, it was an affirmation that NTS continues to have true value.

Robert T. Leverett
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Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest

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