Wyoming moods

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Wyoming moods

Post by dbhguru » Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:22 am


When Monica and I were camping in the Medicine Bow, we enjoyed beautiful sunsets. Here is a scene from immediately outside our tent. We had just retired for the evening, but it was still light. The side flaps of tent were up, so I could look out and up. The outlines of Englemann Spruce, Colorado Blues, and Lodgepole Pines provided pleasing silhouettes and the sky was aflame. I got up, grabbed my digital camera, crawled outside, and snapped away. Most shots didn't work or were repetitive. Hopefully, the following image conveys the sky and mood at the time. The altitude of the campsite was 9,218 feet according to my GPS. It got down to 32 degrees by early morning. Brrrr.
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