Tinker Brook Natural Area

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Tinker Brook Natural Area

Post by adam.rosen » Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:44 pm

This is my fifth post about Vermont's protected natural areas. Some contain old growth, and others second growth (Lord's Hill, Gifford Woods, OG; Tabletop Mountain, Cambridge Pines--second growth). I'll keep trying to check them off the list--I'm still searching for Daniel's Notch--Vermont's largest OG area.

This is Tinker Gorge--25 acres too steep and remote to ever log. I have only a few pictures--me with a Black Spruce rumored to be 200 years of age, and one of the stream protected and filtered by the old growth. Tinker Gorge is full of Black Spruce, White Birch, Stripped Maple, and of course Sugar Maple and the ubiquitous Yellow Birch.

One can see how this steep bank is held together by a network of birch and hemlock roots. They hold the steep stream banks together--consequently, Tropical Storm Irene did almost no damage to Tinker Gorge--it takes many trees, and BIG ones, to hold off a storm. In one spot, you can literally see how a mature, straight yellow birch arrested a huge boulder and how this one tree prevented a minor landslide. The fantastic pools in the stream below are clear and free of debris, thanks to these old growth giants on either shore.

I don't think anybody is setting a height record here, but for the look and feel of OG forest, Tinker Gorge is one of the best. I don't know too much about the species Black Spruce, but there were several trees at what appeared to be a maximum height for the species in this location.
really happy adam in Tinker Brook.jpg
adam with base of black spruce at tinker brook.jpg
adam with black spruce at Tinker Brook.jpg

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Re: Tinker Brook Natural Area

Post by Larry Tucei » Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:42 pm

Adam- Nice looking Black Spruce. The tallest known in the U.S. 101' in northwestern Wisconsin. Larry

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