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Postby adam.rosen » Wed Jun 22, 2016 12:19 pm

adam with buttressed root white birch.jpg
Here I am with a Paper Birch, which had OG characteristics.  Not a huge tree, but a fantastic specimen of this species.
29. Tabletop Mountain Natural Area. 129 acres, Groton State Forest, Town of Groton. Located on the State-owned portion of Tabletop Mountain, this area is not "old-growth" in the strict sense, but has been set aside to allow it to become a representative mature hardwood forest (beech, yellow birch, sugar maple, and hemlock). It contains occasional, scattered trees of large size and old age.

I enjoyed a hike here.  I found some nice and notable trees--a Maple that had an 8 foot CBH and you could see how the canopy moved up over the years with this tree.  At the top it opened up with a huge 'stag' crown, probably 70 feet up.

I found a paper birch, 6' CBH, but with buttressed roots and OG characteristics.

A yellow birch, 9' CBH, had the largest crown spread I have seen in this species, a magnicicent, spreading, growing second growth, but old enough for the large bole and to have the aged bark characteristic of mature specimens of this tree.

No record holders here, that I saw, but there is 127 acres and I just got a taste of it.  Abudndant Coarse Woody Debris.

Private land, friendly land owners, but it was a bush whack and then map and compass to find the natural area.
panorma view of 9' CBH yellow birch in Tabletop Mountain.jpg
This is a panorama view of a 9'CBH yellow Birch.
looking up large maple on tabletop mountain.jpg
This is looking up this large maple. Hard to see how it really opens up and has huge crown spread, way, way up.
dave looking up 8 'CBH Maple on Tabletop Mountain.jpg
A better view of the trunk of this nice big maple.

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