Fine White Pine in Rhode Island

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Fine White Pine in Rhode Island

Post by gnmcmartin » Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:14 pm


I have a friend who lives in RI, and who enjoys white pine groves. He has questioned me about white pine, and about white pine growth in RI. A good number of years ago, Andrew Joslin reported that he would look for fine white pine trees in Arcadia Management Area in RI, but I never saw any report. If he made a report, can someone help me find it?

Bob Leverett responded that he has searched RI several times, and has been unable to find any notable white pine there. But, even if there is nothing of truly "notable" size/height, my friend would like to know where in Arcadia, or anywhere else in RI, he can visit fine white pine groves to enjoy while walking for relaxation, and a break from his work.

In connection with this, I did some web searching about white pine in RI, and it seems to be widely recognized that white pine in RI is rather poor in relative size/quality to that in neighboring states. I also read some speculations as to why this seems to be true. I have some ideas about some possible reasons myself, but leaving that aside for now. I am wondering if it was always the case that RI had relatively poor white pine growth.

I tried to do a little research on-line about the potential mast trees that were marked as reserved for the King during colonial times. It seems that if RI once had some extremely fine white pine, some trees in the state may have been so marked as reserved for the Crown for ship masts. There is a lot of information about this in NE generally, but I could find nothing about the specific locations, not even any credible repots about whether any were in RI.

I would think there must be some records somewhere about this, and if so could they be somewhere in NE, or only in archives in England. Someone must have recorded the trees so marked as reserved for the Crown.

So, does anyone have any information? Or can lead me to any?


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