Undiscovered Old-Growth Near Woodward, PA???

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Undiscovered Old-Growth Near Woodward, PA???

Post by BeeEnvironment2020 » Fri Jan 01, 2021 5:55 pm

Hello everyone, I hope everyone has been having good holidays, :D
I recently found a old book in my small library called, "Seeing Pennsylvania" written by John T. Faris, and published in 1919.
Faris goes over the great natural wonders of the whole state of PA, and even describes primeval forest that survived at the time of his writing, along with photos. He even goes over places such as Snyder-Middleswarth Natural area, and Ricketts Glen with its old forest and waterfalls.
Anyhow, on page 333, Faris talks about the wilderness around State College, and he described one, today unknown, old-growth tract as follows:
Pine Creek Hollow, near Woodward, (there) is a 100 acre tract of primeval white pine. 'The great trees, rising to a height of nearly 200 feet, and straight as gun barrels, are always sighing in the wind, and are weird and sad survivors of the grand forests which once covered the central Pennsylvania uplands'
Faris includes the above quote from Henry Shoemaker's "Eldorado Found", a book on the PA wilds.
Does anyone think the old-growth tract could still exist? On google maps, it shows the area as still wooded.
If the old-growth trees and pines still exist, they may hold potential for having some of the tallest pines in the North-East :o Sadly, I live in SE Pennsylvania, so I can't make the trip for quite some time.
If anyone is located near Woodward, though, it should be accessible by Pine Creek Hollow Road out of town, if they are wanting to tackle the trip :)
I also posted this on the ridge-and-valley part of the PA forums, just in case people would miss it here :)

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