Warren County, OH - Searching for Old-Growth Characteristics

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#1)  Warren County, OH - Searching for Old-Growth Characteristics

Postby Matt Markworth » Sun May 07, 2017 7:45 pm


I'm going to be keeping an eye out for a possible candidate to the Old-Growth Forest Network in the county where I live: Warren County, Ohio. I've included some photos below from Hall's Creek Nature Preserve, and as I look in some additional places I'll post the photos to this thread. Hall's Creek doesn't have many old-growth characteristics developing yet, but a few areas have a nice start with some mature American beech and red oaks.

The network has a goal of designating one forest in each county that can grow a forest. With its extensive agricultural history, suburban/exurban development, and limited public land, finding a forest that is developing some old-growth characteristics may be the goal to aim for in this county.

Hall's Creek 1.jpg
American beech

Hall's Creek 2.jpg
American beech

Hall's Creek 3.JPG
American beech, maples, etc.

Hall's Creek 4.jpg
red oaks, etc.

Hall's Creek 5.jpg
black cherries, snag in the background, etc.

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