New Height Champ Mockernut Hickory

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New Height Champ Mockernut Hickory

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:30 pm

This mockernut was originally discovered by Jess Riddle and Michael Davie. I found it several years ago and have been keeping close tabs on it. I first measured it at 148.5', I believe in 2016, and then at 150.3', in 2018. It has sent up a strong central leader and is now 154.2', surpassing the Winding Stairs mockernut in SC. In fairness, that tree hasn't been measured since 2016, and it was 153.7'. It has a more rounded crown and is a bit younger as well. I suspect it has gained at least a couple of feet. More details about this tree and cove can be found here:

In addition to the 154.2', another 150.0' mockernut is present just a bit upcreek. In fact about 15 mockernuts top 130' in a very small area.

mockernut hickory Carya alba 154.2' 47.00m 150.0' 45.72m

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