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Little Buck Creek, McDowell Co, NC

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:38 pm
by bbeduhn
Little Buck Creek winds through a very acidic landscape with both sides being fairly steep. The slopes feel very closed in. Rhododendron is the understory. A few spots are a bit open but these are few and very far between. I don't know what grows on the upper slopes but down low pines are the dominant family. White pines are easily the most common but shortleaf are plentiful. They are joined by a good number of hemlocks, which are doing fairly well. I just measured a handful of pines. I roughed some shortleafs in the 100-115' range.

Pinus strobus
139.7' 135.9'

Little Buck Creek flows into Lake Tahoma. At the intersection of Little Buck Creek Road and Route 80, tall pines grow on a hillside. It's tough to find the bottoms but I got reasonably close.

Pinus strobus
146.3' 129.2' 128.0' 127.8'