Parris Creek, McDowell Co., NC

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Parris Creek, McDowell Co., NC

Post by bbeduhn » Wed Apr 03, 2019 2:58 pm

Parris Creek is the drainage next to the Royal Gorge, which harbors tulips up to 183'. Parris is all about acidic soils, although a few rich coves drain into Parris Creek. The creek has towering white pines and plenty of rhododendron with a few hemlocks and hardwoods thrown into the mix. Unfortunately, contrary to the weather report, I was greeted with cold rain on both visits, thus the dearth of photos. These pines appear to have naturally sprouted after logging. They are likely in the 80-90 year range.

Fall Creek is a richer soiled stream that flows into Parris Creek. It appears as though two more rich drainages also flow into Parris. It looks like they'll have to wait until next year. A 25 year old cut sits between these areas. The tulip canopy is already about 85' tall.

Parris Creek

Pinus strobus 144.9' 143.7' 140.4' 139.7'

Fall Creek

Lirio tulip 142.5'
Quercus rubra 127.2'
Carya cordiformis 124.4'
Carya glabra 121.8'
Carya alba 111.8'
Tilia heterophylla 119.5' 117.4'
Prunus serotina 119.1'
Magnolia fraseri 104.0'
Halesia monticola 91.9'
Crazy White oak
Crazy White oak
edit: red maple

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