Toms Creek Falls, McDowell Co, NC

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Toms Creek Falls, McDowell Co, NC

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:40 pm

One is greeted by what, at first, appears to be a verdant herb layer. This is just a ruse as daffodils, periwinkle and an acre of multiflora rose dominate the entrance to the trail. McDowell County consistently has solid, tall tree sites. This is an exception. One nice thing is how green the hemlocks are.

Lirio tulip 133.7'
Quercus alba 122.9'
Quercus rubra 119.0'
Quercus montana 103.2'
Tsuga canadensis 120.3'
Pinus strobus 118.9'
Pinus echinata 103.4'
Pinus rigida 92.7'
Carya glabra 112.5'
Platanus occidentalis 113.0'
Fagus americana 103.7'
Betula lenta 99.7'
Acer rubrum 97.9'
Betula nigra 76.0'
R10= 115.06'
healthy hemlocks
healthy hemlocks

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