Crabtree Falls, NC

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Crabtree Falls, NC

Post by bbeduhn » Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:56 am

The forset around this waterfall on the Blue Ridge Parkway is a bit perplexing. There is a section that is obviously old growth and there are areas that appear to be old growth except for the lack of large trees. Black birch attain good size and some canopy hardwoods appear to have advanced age but no huge trees are present but no signs of logging roads are present either. Below the falls there is an old logging road but just 50 yards above the road it is true old growth.

I expected better heights but this site just does not produce exceptional heights. There are rich spots but the trees are just not that tall.

Carya alba mockernut hickory 101.0'

Carya glabra pignut hickory 102.3'

Tilia heterophylla basswood 101.0'

Aesculus flava yellow buckeye 109.3' large, old growth

Acer saccharum sugar maple 109.1' large, old growth

Acer rubrum red maple 100.8'

Betula allegheniensis yellow birch 82.1' 87.9' 88.0'

Betula lenta black birch 98.5'

Fraxinus biltmoreana biltmore ash 103.5'

Magnolia acuminata cucumbertree 103.5'

Quercus alba white oak 113.2'

Quercus montana chestnut oak 102.8'

Quercus rubra red oak 107.0'

Oxydendron arboreum sourwood 74.2'

Liriodendron tulipifera tulip 135.2'

Alnus serrulata hazel alder 32.1'

Clethra acuminata cinnamon clethra ~14'

Rucker 10 = 107.48'

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Re: Crabtree Falls, NC

Post by dbhguru » Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:10 pm


I have explored Crabtree Falls in the past. My assessment exactly matches yours.

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Re: Crabtree Falls, NC

Post by bbeduhn » Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:44 pm

I visited Crabtree Falls again with the family. I didn't notice the shagbark hickories last time. There is certainly a fair amount of old growth and a few more big trees than I remembered. I have just a few updates.

Carya ovata shagbark hickory 112.6'
Tsuga canadensis hemlock 112.5'
Lirio tulip tuliptree 140.9' 135.3'
Betula lenta black birch 102.5'
Betula alleghenensis yellow birch 88.7'
Aeschulus flava yellow buckeye 111.0' old growth
Fraxinus biltmoreana Biltmore ash 113.2'
Magnolia acuminata cucumbertree 119.5'

The big sugar below the falls has lost its top. There are still a few old sugar maples growing near the falls.

Rucker 10= 114.19'

1. tulip 140.9'
2. cucumber 119.5'
3. white oak 113.2'
3. Biltmore ash 113.2'
5. hemlock 112.6'
6. shagbark 112.5'
7. buckeye 111.1'
8. sugar maple 109.1'
9. red oak 107.0'
10. chestnut oak 102.8'

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