Riverwood Shops White Oak, Dillsboro, NC

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Riverwood Shops White Oak, Dillsboro, NC

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:44 pm

The Riverwood Shops are located next to the Tuckaseegee River in Dillsboro, NC. I spoke with the owner and he told me that there was another white oak, a little bit smaller that had to be removed after serious storm damage. There are several other decent sized white oaks on the property but I didn't have time to measure them. I did get to measure the Riverwood Beast, however.

It does not appear to be all that tall at first glance. The crown was once enormous but storm damage has reduced it considerably. It still has a large spread and despite appearances, it is quite tall for an open grown oak.

21'8" cbh it gets much larger where it branches

115.7' height

145' max spread

137.5' avg spread

The spread is tough because some branches go above the shops. I did a little bit of estimating but it's very close.
white oak 21 8.JPG
white oak 115.7.JPG
Will Blozan measured this tree in 2001. The height was about the same, I believe a foot taller. The owner had some stats on hand that were a little bit lower on the height so it had been measured since 2001.
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Larry Tucei
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Re: Riverwood Shops White Oak, Dillsboro, NC

Post by Larry Tucei » Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:21 pm

Brian- Its amazing how much the Bark of White Oak can vary. The one in your photo is much different than the White Oaks down this way. Larry

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Will Blozan
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Re: Riverwood Shops White Oak, Dillsboro, NC

Post by Will Blozan » Fri Nov 21, 2014 10:50 am

Last measure I have record of is 9/5/2001

251.6" X 116.1' X 126 ACS (144' max).


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