Mount Pisgah Academy in Candler (near Asheville)

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Mount Pisgah Academy in Candler (near Asheville)

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:58 pm

I'd passed by this school on Hallowe'en and happened to notice some fine dawn redwoods on the grounds, so I made a trip back there and did a little measuring. I met a mathematics teacher, who was quite interested in the methods employed in measuring. He tried out the rangefinder and clinometer and was impressed with the simplicity of their use. He gave me permission to wander the campus and called a retired biology teacher, who had some knowledge of when the redwoods were planted. The biology teacher showed up shortly thereafter and we discussed the trees. he was quite well versed on metasequoias and how their seeds made their way to the US and the world in two primary phases.

The trees were planted on or about 1968, as original landscaping for the new chapel. Four redwoods were planted. One had to be removed and one has a broken top, the first broken top I've seen in 130+ dawn redwoods. Where it gets interesting is what happened after the one tree was removed. The cuttings were taken to an onsite dump and a tree actually started growing in the dump from the cuttings. This regeneration was transplanted to another site on campus where it still grows. I was not able to get up to this regenerated redwood due to time constraints but did measure a fourth redwood elsewhere on campus in addition to the three remaining at the chapel.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn redwood all likely 44 years old
68.3' broken top

Chamaecyparis pisifera Suwara false-cypress (moss cypress)
96.0' tallest one I've found so far

The mathematics teacher mentioned his intention to purchase the requisite equipment and actually use it in the field to teach his students. Hopefully, I made a convert or two to the ENTS way of measuring and perhaps to our website as well.


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