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Post by edfrank » Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:35 pm ... rolina.htm

Field Trips ... fd58?hl=en
Nantahala National Forest I
have been looking through the newsletter for the Arbor Day Foundation
(March/April 2010) and came across two men next to a huge tree in Nantahala
National Forest. The photo is by Lamar Marshall. The article focused on the
Chunky Gal trail, Boteler Peak and the Tusquitee Bald roadless area. There
was a 53-acre parcel that was slated for... ... fd58?hl=en
more » March 12, 2010. ... c239?hl=en
Mistake about my Nantahala National Forest post ... bd7e?hl=en
Pink Beds Tree Hunt ENTS, I
have been planning a return to the Pink Bed's in PNF to do some off trail
searches for large or unusual trees and since I went on Sunday to do a
little Worship in the woods. The day started off really well, upon Entering
Pisgah National Forest on 276 passing the Ranger Station and Riding Stables
I noticed a huge Pitch Pine on the left. I had noticed it before but had
never stopped. I had guessed it's girth between 8 and 9 feet. Turning around
and pulling off the road beside the tree I thought, " WoW, what a big fella
" as I approached it. Upon measuring the tree I found it had a really
impressive girth. 10' 1 1/2" cbh! Second only to a huge Pitch Pine measured
recently at Bent Creek. It was 10' 4" cbh. Shooting the laser straight up
through the loose crown I got 106.5 feet so I knew this tree was quite
tall. Walking well back from the tree and measuring it again I got 112 feet
tall. Nice! The tree splits into a double trunk just above head high.... ... bd7e?hl=en
more » Mar 10, 2010. ... 1005?hl=en
Leatherleaf Mahonia ENTS, In a
post made back in January I had found an odd " mystery holly " in the Ramble
Grove near Asheville NC that I could not id. ENTS members identified it as
Leatherleaf Mahonia for me. I had also stated that the plant looked
familiar. It turns out that my dad who lives in Lowndesville SC has two of
them planted near his house. They bloom in winter and are now blooming and
very fragrant even though it is February. While the plant superficially
resembles holly, unlike holly it has compound leaves. The Berrys are also
blue unlike American Holly which has red berries.... ... 1005?hl=en
more » Feb 22, 2010. ... 956e?hl=en
Rudnick Woods_Kellogg Conference Center
ENTS, As a follow up on a recent post concerning the
forest on the property of the UNCA Kellogg Conference Center and in response
to a flurry of post concerning Bing maps and Google Earth I thought I would
give the group an aerial view of Rudnick Forest. The first image is a
capture of the entire forest surrounding the conference center. The entire
property is in the neighborhood of about 50 acres or so. The second is a
close-up of of a big grove of White Pine located within the forest. However
the first photo does not show the clear-cut area. It was taken prior to the
cutting. Actually a few trees remain in the area but sparse they are.... ... 956e?hl=en
more » Feb 16, 2010. ... 5047?hl=en
Rudnick Forest ENTS, Sunday
afternoon I returned to one of my favorite forests, the Rudnick forest which
is on the property of the Kellogg Conference Center of UNCA. I returned to
check on the well being of a nice White Pine grove located here and to
explore a new area within the forest I located using Google Earth. The
first tree I measured was surprisingly a Chestnut! Walking down the trail
from the new parking area off South Rugby rd I noticed a burr on the ground
and then found more. Then I found the fallen leaves. Just off the trail
there stood the tree. Looking closely at the coursely spined burrs and
moderately serrated the leaves I id it as an Asian species. Probably
Chinese. Still, A Chestnut was a surprise. I have no doubt walked by this
tree a number of times without seeing it. Going on I found out that the big
pine grove is there and healthy. I was really worried about it since some
clearcutting closely approached its borders last year. I also checked out... ... 5047?hl=en
more » Feb 15, 2010. ... e6dc?hl=en
Holmes Educational State Forest Fire fighting displays
Barry, Seeing your fire fighting equipment photos from
there in the NJ Pine Barrens I thought I would post you some from Holmes
State Forest NC. I have been in that tower twice when it was on the
mountain. It was removed from Spivey mountain sometime around 1990. JP Feb
13, 2010. ... 0d11?hl=en
Two Trees ENTS, Today after
work just before dark I decided to check out a couple of decent local trees
that I have been meaning to visit for awhile. One is a nice sized Holly
located on Naples Rd just above the RR tracks and the Naples Post Office. It
is located just a short distance off the road so It was not hard to get to.
The tree is 57.8 feet tall and 6' 4" in girth. Not a record but still a nice
sized Holly.... ... 0d11?hl=en
more » Feb 10, 2010. ... 7b44?hl=en
GRGL White Pines ENTS, Today
after church I walked a short distance down the Bishop Branch trail in the
Green River Game Lands to measure a decent White Pine that I had seen there
a little over two years ago. The Pine is located across Bishop Branch creek
near where the trail ( Actually an old road ) crosses another old road. The
pine was only 105.3 feet tall. I was thinking it would be a bit taller. Oh,
well. I measured another White pine nearby that had a broken top. It was
91.9 feet tall.... ... 7b44?hl=en
more » JP Feb 7, 2010. ... 854b?hl=en
Lake Powhatan Trees ENTS, Today
I returned to Lake Powhatan in BCEF to check out a grove of Norway Spruce
trees I spotted while visiting the area on Jan 17th.
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=" ... 814f?hl=en
[link] The grove is located just past the dam of the lake up on the
hill to the left. The " grove " turned out not to be a grove at all but a
line of Norways planted along the remnants of an old road. Tromping up the
hill along a trail in the snow I get uphill enough to measure the spruces
and can get a clear laser shot on both the bottom and tops of the trees.
Seeing the trees from across Bent Creek they look really tall. I was
thinking 120+. Upon measuring them I noticed by the numbers that the trees
were gonna turn out a bit shorter than I had hoped for. I also roughed out a
Shortleaf Pine below the grove at 100 feet and I knew right then that
the spruces would be less than 112 feet high. Doing the math in the field I
found the tallest to be only 109.2 feet tall. Not bad but not the 120 I was
hoping for. Oh, well. However, I found one surprise. Sapling Norway
Spruce! A few had come up from seed. That is something I rarely see with
Norway Spruce here... ... 854b?hl=en
more » James Parton, Feb 6, 2010. ... e4dc?hl=en
Pisgah National Forest History
Check out this attached PDF file on a little history of the Pisgah National
Forest. If you have more info on the history of PNF please share it!
Hopefully, I have not submitted this PDF in the past. Jan 31, 2010. ... 9161?hl=en
Another big snow in the NC mountains
ENTS, Another big winter storm moved into the western
North Carolina mountains yesterday evening and by the time it moved
through by morning many of us had close to a foot of snow. I had 11 inches
at my home here in south Asheville ( Arden ). Keith Carter, a friend of mine
had 8 inches of snow at his home near Candler which is located just west of
Asheville. I have posted three pictures and Keith sent me three more giving
me permission to post them. The forests surrounding Lake Julian are
beautiful covered in snow as are the spruce trees near Keith's home on
Justice Ridge Rd.... ... 9161?hl=en
more » Jan 30, 2010. ... af34?hl=en
Bent Creek Experimental Forest_Lake Powhatan addition
Ed, I tried posting this picture directly into the Bent
Creek Experimental Forest_Lake Powhatan post I did earlier. I never could
get it to go. It is a close up of the trunk of the 10' 4" cbh Pitch Pine I
measured there. Could you add it to the post for me? Jan 20, 2010. ... 74ad?hl=en
Carl Sandburg Pines Today I took
my daughter Sarah to visit the Carl Sandburg Home in Flat Rock NC which is
now owned and run by the National Park System and is classified as a
National Historic Site. While taking a long-way-around to the goat barns, we
entered the forest via the trail on the back side of Connemara lake. Soon
after entering the woods Sarah spied a... ... 74ad?hl=en
more » January 18, 2010. ... 814f?hl=en
Bent Creek Experimental Forest_Lake Powhatan
Yesterday I got out to explore the area around Lake Powhatan
in the Bent Creek Experimental Forest. The BCEF is part of the larger Pisgah
National Forest and includes the North Carolina Arboretum. In the past I
had sighted a big White Pine near Bent Creek above the lake as well as a
Norway Spruce grove that I wanted to get a good look at. According to a site
on the web some NS has been in BCEF since 1925 and may have had enough time
to exceed 100 feet in height. I intend to see how tall they are.... ... 814f?hl=en
more » Jan 17, 2010. ... 6107?hl=en
Horse Cove, NC On Saturday, at
the suggestion of Josh Kelly and Will Blozan, we followed the Davidson River
west from Brevard, NC to explore Horse Cove and East Horse Cove. Ascending
to just under 6000’ elevation, the surrounding watershed drains the steep
southeastern flank of the Balsam Mountains, and features several granitic
domes, the best known... ... 6107?hl=en
more » ... 31f5?hl=en
Joyce Kilmer trees Here are some
images of the many grand trees in NC's Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. The
blue day pack is about 15" tall. Dan Miles , January 8, 2010 ... a1e5?hl=en
Eaton/Julian Forest ENTS, Today
I continue to explore the forests near my home that surround Lake Julian
near Asheville NC. I have done a couple of past posts on the forests near
the lake and following these I will label this section of forest section
6. James Parton - Jan 7 ... d3af?hl=en
The Ramble Grove_Asheville NC January 2, 2010 ... 6510?hl=en
Snow in Western North Carolina December 19, 2009 ... 3f67?hl=en
Grandfather National Scenic Area December 15,
2009 ... b48f?hl=en
Fall Mountain Ash December 6, 2009 ... 7764?hl=en
79" black cherry Nov. 7, 2009 ... 7b09?hl=en
Lovely neighbors Oct. 19, 2009 ... 617b?hl=en
Cheoah Hemlock update 9 0-2009 Oct. 18, 2009 ... 3f11?hl=en
Hemlocks at Highlands Biological Station, Highlands, NC
9 0-2009 Oct. 18, 2009 ... 19ad?hl=en
Padgett Poplar Highlands, NC 9 0-2009 Oct. 18,
2009 ... d2e5?hl=en
Super scarlet, Biltmore Forest, NC Oct. 16, 2009 ... 0cb8?hl=en
Asheville Country Club, NC Oct. 16, 2009

Carolina Trees ... dfb6?hl=en ... dfb6?hl=en
March 22, 2009 ... poplar.htm
Wright Creek 20-foot circumference Poplar Feb 27, 2009

Carolina Plants Question Feb 21, 2009 ... 263b?hl=en ... 263b?hl=en ... ter_nc.htm
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Calvary Episcopal Church hollies, Fletcher, NC Feb 12, 2009 ... _trail.htm
Mountain-To-Sea Trail, Blue Ridge Parkway Jan 2009 ... asured.htm
Memminger Tuliptree Measured Jan 2009 ... ana_nc.htm
Kings Mountain, Dana, NC Jan 2009 ... uce_nc.htm
Norway Spruce, NC Jan 2009 ... nville.htm
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Lake Julian Pine Forest, NC December 2008 ... nnanoa.htm ... ly_bay.htm
Albemarle Peninsula, Loblolly Bay, NC Jan 2006 ... ground.htm
Ammons Branch Campground March 2008 ... lle_nc.htm
Asheville Oct 2002 ... ozan_3.htm
Ashville, NC - Butternut and Box Elder Oct 2003 ... et_oak.htm
Ashville - Brooklet Oak Sept 2007 ... et_oak.htm
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Big Ivy Chestnuts NC May 2008 ... ig_ivy.htm
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Biltmore Estate Jan 2004 ... estate.htm
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Blue Ridge Parkway Ride Nov 2008

Blue Ridge Parkway ... valley.htm
Chestnut Grove Hominy Valley Overlook Nov 2008 ... eserve.htm
Bluff Mountain Nature Preserve March 2007 ... church.htm
Calvary Episcopal Church Tree, Flethcer, NC March 2008 ... _trees.htm
Calvary Episcopal Church Trees Reprise Nov 2008 ... cedars.htm
Candler Eastern Red Cedars May 2005 ... g_home.htm
Carl Sandburg Home July 2003 ... bluffs.htm
Carolina Hemlock Bluffs Nov 2008 ... _creek.htm
Carter Creek/Waterfall Creek Sept 2006 ... ers_nc.htm
Cashiers, NC (development) 2003 ... shiers.htm
Cashiers NC White Pines 2007 ... i_pine.htm
Cashiers NC - Climb of the Dyleski Pine Nov 2007 ... _trees.htm
Charlotte Urban Trees Oct 2007 ... _creek.htm
Chestnut Creek and Bearpen Gap, NC June 2006 ... nville.htm
Chinese Chestnuts Hendersonville NC June 2008 ... ark_nc.htm
TNC - Chimney Rock State Park, NC Hemlock Treatments April 2008 ... as_fal.htm
Coleman Boundary and Douglas Falls May 2008 ... ock_nc.htm
Connemara, Flat Rock, NC Feb 2008 ... _pines.htm
Coon Branch White Pines Aug 2008 ... tional.htm
Courthouse Falls Pisgah National Forest NC May 2008 ... lossus.htm
Cullusaja Colossus Nov 2005 ... thouse.htm
Devil's Courthouse Oct 2007 ... _trail.htm
Douglas Falls Trail June 2006 ... _falls.htm
Douglas Falls, NC Jan 2007 ... falls2.htm
Douglas Falls June 2007 ... falls3.htm
Douglas Falls Feb 2008 ... _creek.htm
Dry Creek March 2006 ... est_nc.htm
DuPont State Forest NC June 2008 ... _river.htm
East Fork Pigeon River May 2008 ... ark_nc.htm
Fletcher Park NC Dec 2008 ... s_cove.htm
Francis Cove Chestnuts (historical account)
Franklin Area AT ... _birch.htm
Old Yellow Birch June 2008 ... deaden.htm
Goldie Deaden July 2004 ... _ashvi.htm
Green Hills Cemetery Trees, Ashville, NC June 2008 ... _lands.htm
Green River Game Lands, Bishop Branch, NC ... _va_nc.htm
Greensboro Arboretum Virginia Pine Dec 2008 ... _creek.htm
Groundhog Creek Dec 2006 ... kilmer.htm
GSMNP and Joyce Kilmer May 2008 ... _maple.htm
Hayes Maple, Asheville, Nov 2007, May 2008 ... _trees.htm
Hendersonville, Large GE Sweetgum Trees Jan 2008 ... _gorge.htm
Hickory Nut Gorge Jan 2007 ... _treat.htm
Hickory Nut Gorge HWA Treatment June 2008 ... nds_nc.htm
Highlands Sept 2005 ... _sizes.htm
Highlands/Horse Cove Poplar Feb 2008 ... forest.htm
Holes Educational State Forest Oct 2007 ... record.htm
Jackson County April 2005 ... lle_nc.htm
Jackson Park, Hendersonville, NC Feb 2008 ... ville2.htm
Jackson Park, Hendersonville, NC April 2008 ... erlook.htm
John Rock Overlook - Hawthorns June 2008 ... kilmer.htm
Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest/Wilderness April 2004 ... _2008a.htm
Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest May 2008 ... f_rock.htm
Jump-Off Rock, Hendersonville Oct 2007 ... y_pine.htm
Kellogg Conference Center - Joy Pine April 2007 ... center.htm
Kellogg Center's Rudnick Trail Dec 2007 ... center.htm
Kellogg Conference Center Jan 2008 ... mlocks.htm
Kelsey Tract Old Growth Hemlocks May 2004 ... emlock.htm
Kelsey Tract- Cheoah Hemlock Climb March 2006 ... ark_nc.htm
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Laurel Knob, NC Jan 2007 ... e_1905.htm
Linville Gorge 1905 ... l_2008.htm
Linville Gorge April 2008 April 2008 ... _gorge.htm
Linville Gorge Aug 2003, Sept 2004 ... _gorge.htm
Linville Gorge: Special Places - Bob Leverett April 2006 ... n_area.htm
Mackey Mountain Area March 2008 ... assafr.htm
Maggie Valley - Tanglewood Sassafras Nov 2004, Aug 2007 ... ree_nc.htm
Memenger Tuliptree, NC Feb 2008 ... e_park.htm
Merchants Millpond State Park Aug 2007 ... eprong.htm
Middle Prong Wilderness Area July 2006 ... s_cone.htm
Moses Cone Memorial Park Jan 2007 ... rea_nc.htm
Mt Jefferson Natural Area NC May 2008 ... l_2008.htm
North Carolina Trip April 2008 ... _trees.htm
Oteen - VA Hospital Trees Nov, 2007 ... erness.htm
Southern Nantahala Wilderness Jan 2007 ... untain.htm
Paris Mountain Oct 2004 ... _woods.htm
Paris Woods Dec 2007 ... les_nc.htm
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Pearson's Falls, (Saluda, NC) Sept. 2007 ... _trail.htm
Pink Bed loop Trail, PNF, NC June 2008 ... stnuts.htm
Pisgah Chestnuts Oct 2007 ... t_hunt.htm
Pisgah Chestnut Hunt June 2008 ... uts_nc.htm
More Pisgah Chestnuts NC Nov 2008 ... _creek.htm
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Rocky Bald Macon County NC August 2008 ... camore.htm
Route 276 Sycamore Saluda NC ... _cedar.htm
Incense Cedar Sept 2007 ... _creek.htm
Santeetlah Creek Sept 2004 ... laurel.htm
Shelton Laurel -Black Pine and Green Ridges May 2006 ... erness.htm
Shining Rock Wilderness April 2004 ... ness05.htm
Shinning Rock Wilderness June 2005 ... _creek.htm
Shope Creek Nov 2007 ... branch.htm
Skiffley Creek and Dry Branch Nov 2006 ... e_park.htm
South Mountains State Park Sept 2004 ... ins_sp.htm
South Mountain State Park Feb 2007 ... tte_nc.htm
South Park Mall, Charlotte, NC March 2008 ... pignut.htm
Swannanoa Pignut Climb Jan 2004 ... ecbush.htm
Swannanoa Spicebush Jan 2008 ... pisgah.htm
Sycamore Flats, Pisgah National Forest April 2008 ... d_park.htm
Tanglewood Park Nov 2004 ... _park2.htm
Tanglewood Park Jan 2007 ... co_oak.htm
Tellico Creek Valley Aug 2004 ... _va_nc.htm
Thanksgiving Trees VA NC Dec 2008 ... garden.htm
UNC Chapel Hill Botanical Gardens Feb 2008 ... fields.htm
Victor Fields chestnuts Oct 2007 ... poplar.htm
Wasilik Poplar Sept 2003 ... _creek.htm
Waterfall Creek/ Carter Creek Sept 2006 ... stairs.htm
Waynesville - Big Sycamore ... ure_ce.htm
Western North Carolina Nature Center Feb 2005 ... ansion.htm
Westfeldt Mansion Norway Spruce and CAMCORE Sept 2007 ... ee_gor.htm
Whitewater River/Jocassee Gorge Dec 2003 ... rimage.htm
Wildflower and Bird Pilgrimage May 2008 ... _salem.htm
Winston-Salem Monster (tuliptree) May 2006 ... sembly.htm
YMCA Blue Ridge Association, Black Mountain, NC March 2007 ... bluffs.htm
YMCA Carolina Hemlock Bluffs - Report of the Carolina Hemlock Bluff
Treatment at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly May 2008 ... c_misc.htm
Misc. Locations: Lake Fairlfield, Saphire, NC, Warren Wilson College,
Asheville, NC, Black Mountain, NC, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC, Hot
Springs, Madison County, NC,Linville Gorge, NC, Black Mountain, NC, Montford
Park, Asheville, NC, Swannanoa, NC March 2004 ... _trees.htm
Some North Carolina Trees Collins Creek, Upper Baxter Creek, Dancing
Branch, Aug 2004 ... _trees.htm
A Few Nice Trees: Ashville & Jim Branch Yellow Birch Aug 2005
View of Cold Mountain, Shinning Roc Wilderness, Pisgah National Forest,
North Carolina ... arkway.htm
Bob and Monica's Kentucky Old Growth Trip -Installment #6 Blueridge Parkway ... pisgah.htm
Bob and Monica's Kentucky Old Growth Trip -Installment #7 Blueridge Parkway ... lment8.htm
Bob and Monica's Kentucky Old Growth Trip -Installment #8 Blueridge Parkway ... lment9.htm
Bob and Monica's Kentucky Old Growth Trip -Installment #9 Blueridge Parkway NC ... ozan_3.htm
Big Butternut and Box Elder, Ashville Aug 2004 Blozan ... nnanoa.htm
Swannanoah Pignut Climb Jan 2004 Davie ... emlock.htm
Kelsey Tract- Cheoah Hemlock Climb March 2006 Blozan ... laurel.htm
Shelton Laurel -Black Pine and Green Ridges May 2006

North Carolina Natural Heritage Program: ... herit.html ... herit.html From the
forested mountains in the west to the marshes and dunes of the coast, North
Carolina contains more natural diversity than all but a few of the other
states. This diversity both comprises and is dependent on a wide range of
native ecosystems varying from the grassy balds and spruce-fir forests of
the mountains to the pocosins and swamps of the coastal plain. Although much
of North Carolina's natural landscape has been converted to non-native
ecosystems, some remnants of our native ecosystems remain. And it is in
these remnants that some of the most rare plants and animals and the best
examples of our natural communities of our state survive. It is the goal of
the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program to find these remnants, to
document their location and condition, to study them and, when appropriate,
to facilitate their protection.
"I love science and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awe by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and revigorate it." by Robert M. Sapolsky


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