New NC height record Norway Spruce?

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Will Blozan
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New NC height record Norway Spruce?

Post by Will Blozan » Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:45 pm


This weekend I went to a grove of Norway Spruce Jess Riddle mentioned a while back, south of Canton, NC. Most of the dense groves were posted so I did not venture in but I did measure multiple 120'+ trees along the road. The tallest was a nice specimen 26.9" DBH X 133.4 feet tall. I saw some others in a packed grove with white pine that I may have to cross the line for...
Tallest spruce 133.4'
Tallest spruce 133.4'
The trees were in scattered groves around Lake Logan on Highway 215. I will seek permission to explore the other groves in the hopes of finding a taller tree. Most of the "good stuff" is owned by an Episcopalian group, for which I have a potential mutual contact.


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James Parton
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Re: New NC height record Norway Spruce?

Post by James Parton » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:25 am


I briefly visited what may be the same grove or a nearby one back late last summer. I don't remember any mixed in White Pines though. I had my daughter with me so I could not venture in to measure any of the trees. I did get one to a modest 110 feet but noticed taller ones back in an area infested with poison ivy in which I did not want to venture, especially with her.

133ft is pretty awesome. I was thinking maybe some 120ft class trees there but a 133.4 ft tree surprised me. Cool!
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