Sarah and the Golden Grove.

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Sarah and the Golden Grove.

Post by James Parton » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:30 am


Last Sunday on Samhain ( Halloween ) I took my 14 year old daughter, Sarah Renee', up on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a short visit to a nice grove of trees, mostly Tulip Poplars, that I found two years ago on another outing ... valley.htm . My daughter is autistic and I feel getting her out in the woods sometimes is a good idea. She likes quiet surroundings and is usually a quiet person. Lately I have been trying to get her more involved in my forest activities, sometimes more successfully than others. Her mom has met and dating a new guy and Sarah has problems with the changes it brings on in her life. She has been spending more time with me, which I have really enjoyed.

The grove is located just past the Chestnut Cove Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is on the left if you are going up towards Mt. Pisgah. Sarah and I followed an old logging road heading down into the grove. The forest is really pretty. The trees here are a golden yellow, though not quite as much so as my last visit two years ago. The forest is dominated by Tuliptree but Hickories, Maples and Oaks are present too. American Holly is found in the understory. Christmas Fern appear as green clumps among the fallen leaves on the forest floor.

We did measure a few trees. Some had a little damage from last winters ice storms but overall the grove is in good shape. The grove's brilliant yellow foliage reminds me of the Mallorn Forests of Lothlorien in JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Will Blozan went back into Big Creek on this day and measured much taller trees. I would have loved to have went. It would have been quite a bit much for Sarah though.

Here are some measurements and photos. The photos were taken with my Blackberry phone so they are not the best of quality.

Tuliptree: 9' 11" cbh 125.6 feet tall fused double trunked tree.

Tuliptree: 6' 7" cbh 136.6 feet tall.

Tuliptree: 138.2 feet tall.

Tuliptree: 11' 1" cbh. fused double trunked tree.

Grape: 1' 3 1/2" cbh.
Golden Tuliptree.jpg
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Sarah and a Tuliptree.jpg
Sarah and a big Grape Vine.jpg
Sarah and a big Grape Vine.jpg (69.57 KiB) Viewed 816 times
Sarah in the Grove.jpg
The Golden Grove.jpg
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Re: Sarah and the Golden Grove.

Post by dbhguru » Fri Nov 05, 2010 7:59 pm


Most enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. What better place to take your daughter than to a tuliptree forest.

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