Reedy Creek Park

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Re: Reedy Creek Park

Post by edfrank » Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:51 pm

DEET eats plastic, but so do a variey of other organic chemicals. It is the only thing found that is effective and remains effective against mosquitos and many other insects for periods of hours. If you are going to use it, just be sure to remove your glasses, watches, and anything plastic that might be corroded by the compound. I fully support DEET. Spray concentrations greater than 20% are as potent as full 100% concentrations.
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Re: Reedy Creek Park

Post by jamesrobertsmith » Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:37 pm

I have found through miserable experiences that DEET protects me from just about all the nasty bugs that bite and draw blood. It doesn't kill ticks, but by gosh it seems to keep them at bay. The day I found the dead Osage orange I was not planning to walk off trail at all. But because I was trying to get photos of the tree I had to walk through some bits of brush. That's when the chiggers latched on, I'm certain. Next time I go out there I'll spray some DEET on before I hit the trails.

Earlier this summer I went hiking with some friends near Mackey Mountain in western NC. I was the only one who didn't wear DEET that day. I found eight ticks on me. The other guys who used DEET didn't get a single tick on them. I learned my lesson.

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