Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson County

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Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, Jefferson County

Post by ElijahW » Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:08 pm


Last weekend I took a trip up to Watertown, NY, looking to survey Brookside Cemetery. No trees exceeded the 130’ height mark, which was my main objective, but I did get enough measurements for a Rucker Index. The Girth Index isn’t too shabby, however.

Here’s what I found:

Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus

115.1’ x 11.89’
96.8’ x 11.05’

Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis

75.5’ x 9.39’

Norway Spruce Picea abies

100.8’ x 7.65’
85.3’ x 11.14’

Blue Spruce Picea pungens

89.8’ x 5.86’

White Spruce Picea glauca

77.2’ x 6.23’

Red Spruce Picea rubens

58.2’ x 6.04’

Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca

71.3’ (multiple trunks)

Eastern Cottonwood Populus deltoides

107.0’ (multiple trunks)
103.1’ x 14.37’
98.4’ x 16.43’

Sugar Maple Acer saccharum

82.0’ x 8.69’
73.7’ x 10.89’

Bitternut Hickory Carya cordiformis

66.1’ x 8.99’

Black Cherry Prunus serotina

65.7’ x 11.28’

Rucker Height Index: 85.05’
Rucker Girth Index: 9.81’

I know these aren’t the biggest numbers, but I thought someone might find some value in them. To put this location in context, it is located about 30 minutes from the Canadian border crossing at Lansdowne, ON. The Watertown area and going north is subject to strong, prolonged winds coming off Lake Ontario, which discourage the development of tall trees.

Brookside Cemetery is a beautiful place if anyone is ever in the area. It’s expansive, with many tree-lined paved roads and a large pond. I highly recommend it.


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