Moreau Lake State Park, Saratoga County

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Moreau Lake State Park, Saratoga County

Post by ElijahW » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:48 pm


I recently surveyed this easily accessible (just off I-87) State Park. Here's what I found:

Eastern White Pine Pinus strobus

122.6' x 8.84'

Pitch Pine Pinus rigida

115.1' x 4.76'

Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis

119.4' x 9.0'

Northern Red Oak Quercus rubra

112.8' x 7.34'

Black Oak Quercus velutina

101.3' x 9.77'

White Oak Quercus alba

95.3' x 5.48'

Chestnut Oak Quercus montana

94.5' x 4.66'

American Beech Fagus grandifolia

107.1' x 5.31'

American Chestnut Castanea dentata

47.1' x 1.48'

Pignut Hickory Carya glabra

110.4' x 4.88'
90.1' x 3.82'

Bitternut Hickory Carya cordiformis

105.8' x 3.24'
98.2' x 4.61'

Sugar Maple Acer saccharum

114.7' x 5.35'
107.1' x 6.19'

Red Maple Acer rubrum

110.4' x 4.68'

Mountain Maple Acer spicatum

25.0' x 0.93'

White Ash Fraxinus americana

115.0' x 5.47'

American Basswood Tilia americana

114.5' x 6.67'
110.1' x 6.03'

Black Birch Betula lenta

105.1' x 5.95'
93.3' x 3.95'
79.5' x 3.67'

Common Hackberry Celtis occidentalis

84.2' x 9.05'

Rucker 10: 114.2'

This was not the most impressive site I've surveyed, but it has some very strong attributes: Lots of nice Pitch Pines growing naturally with White Pines, many small Chestnut stump sprouts (especially for the latitude), a generally healthy and diverse forest with several different forest types, and a beautiful kettle-type lake.

The Pitch and White Pines generally dominate the camping areas, along with a lot of Black Oak (and perhaps Scarlet Oak, though none were positively identified). The drier, exposed hills and ridges I encountered grew mostly Northern Red, Chestnut, and White Oak, together with Pignut Hickory. Hemlocks seemed restricted to areas with the least exposure and most moisture, as were the few Bitternuts I found.

Except for a few older Hemlocks and perhaps remnant oaks, the forest at Moreau Lake seems relatively young. Hopefully its various niches will be allowed to develop and grow in the coming decades; then, maybe we'll see something really special happen.


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