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Re: Irondequoit Bay Parks

PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:37 pm
by Erik Danielsen
Fantastic! You are on a serious roll with red hickory in the central state. The growth rate on many of these hickories seems to make them some of the most exciting trees to remeasure year after year. I've only encountered one in Zoar Valley so far but maybe next month we'll manage to turn up a tall one. A tree for the rucker 20 would be great.

Looking forward to hearing about those birches!

Re: Irondequoit Bay Parks

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:28 pm
by ElijahW

I have a few quick updates on two of the Irondequoit Bay parks.  

In Lucien Morin, today's measurement of the tallest Tulip put it at 155.9', an increase of 3' since first measured in May 2016.  I was also able to locate a nearby Black Walnut that measured 126.0' x 5'11", just eclipsing a pair of Zoar Valley walnuts as NY's tallest.

In Irondequoit Bay Park West, a White Pine previously mis-measured at 130.0' came out to an even 139' x 7'10".  The Black Cherry measured last year at 129.0' x 7'8" has grown to 130.0' x 7'10".  A Red Maple new to the list came in at 120.3' x 8'3".  I also came across a couple of downed Black Oaks and was able to get rough ring counts to verify their ages.  The smaller oak, 19-20" inches in diameter at about 27' from its base, had 190 rings on my first count and an even 200 on the second.  I think both counts were conservative and that the tree is somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 years old.  The second, larger oak had much wider rings on average, but also came out to approximately 225 years old.  My guess is that many of the surrounding White, Black, and Red Oaks are of similar age.  Some photos below:
Smaller of the Black Oaks - ~200 growth rings ~27' above the base

Bark texture of same Black Oak

130' Black Cherry; I'm standing about halfway between camera and tree

Current Rucker Index for Irondequoit Bay Parks:

Tuliptree  155.9'
Eastern White Pine  139.0'
White Ash  137.7'
Red Hickory  136.6'
Eastern Cottonwood  132.3'
Northern Red Oak  131.9'
Bitternut Hickory  131.5'
Black Cherry 130.0'
Black Walnut  126.0'
Eastern Hemlock  125.1'

Average Top Ten Species:  134.6'


Re: Irondequoit Bay Parks

PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:24 am
by Erik Danielsen
Very nice increases. Is that increase on the tulip since last year strictly on the basis of new growth? Very impressive.

Looks like this is a good year for 130+ black cherries. The form of that tree is very similar to the 130s at chautauqua gorge and the 129+ at long point- a split leader between 30-50 feet up. Perhaps the competition between leaders in the crown produces that extra height boost. This also seems to be the case with a few of our tallest tulips.

Re: Irondequoit Bay Parks

PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:10 pm
by ElijahW

Yes, all height measurements on the Tulip have been of the same leader.  It’s easier to hit when the leaves are still on, but nearly impossible with any sort of wind.  I tried a few weeks ago and couldn’t do it.

The Cherry isn’t much to look at in terms of symmetry, but I guess it’s beautiful in its own way. You may notice that it’s in a line of cherries coming down the slope.  This part of the park seems to have seen some disturbance, and I doubt these trees are much more than 100 years old, if that.