Mt. Hope Cemetery, Norwich, NY

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Mt. Hope Cemetery, Norwich, NY

Post by ElijahW » Sat May 21, 2016 10:57 pm


Part Three of my NY cemetery series features Mt. Hope in Norwich, a short trip via State Route 23 west from Morris. With a couple of exceptions, the Mt. Hope trees are young, probably planted in the 1920s or '30s, and are a more diverse mix of species then what is found in Morris. The gems, at least for me, are two old White pines visible from State Route 12:
Old flag pines, 90.5' x 12'2" on the left, and 122.5' x 11'2" on the right
Old flag pines, 90.5' x 12'2" on the left, and 122.5' x 11'2" on the right
Most of Mt. Hope is open lawn with small trees, but a few Norway Spruce and Northern white cedar groves are mixed in well:
The tallest trees are found on the western backside of Mt. Hope, a very attractive planting of Norway Spruces mixed with Scots, Red, and White pines. Douglas-fir also seems to have had a presence here, but the trees I saw were already dead or dying. This hillside is loaded with 120'+ Norways, and likely some White pines in the 130' range (though I didn't carefully measure any). Here's a summary of what I found:

Norway Spruce

Eastern White Pine
122.5' x 11'2"
90.5' x 12'2"

Scots Pine
105.7' x 4'2"
103' x 5'8"

Norway Maple
60.1' x 13'

A couple of pictures of tall Scots Pines:
The Norway Spruce plantation:
"There is nothing in the world to equal the forest as nature made it. The finest formal forest, the most magnificent artificially grown woods, cannot compare with the grandeur of primeval woodland." Bob Marshall, Recreational Limitations to Silviculture in the Adirondacks

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