Atlantic white-cedars in Brendan Byrne SF, NJ

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Postby Erik Danielsen » Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:59 pm

Here are some images. Fortunately my computer crashed just before I was going to transfer these from my camera- I ended up losing quite a lot of images from other things I've done this spring, but the images from this trip were safe.

The beauty of the cedar stands was everything I hoped it would be.

The forest had a very dense, secretive feel with the shrub layer leafed out.

Some very colorful polypore fungi on the forest floor.

The jet-black caddisfly I mentioned. Doug, is this a species you know? Or even identifiable from this shot?

A slightly different angle on the caddisfly.

A couple views of the largest individual cedar I got close to. This panorama shows the full tree but is a little distorted. It was deep into the wet forest going east (upstream) from the road, on the south side.

My friend Alex, a herpetologist, standing by the large cedar. Unfortunately for her the weather wasn't great for reptiles.

Looking up the large cedar, a very handsome specimen.

Stunted little cedar in a nearby bog, with pitcher plants at its base.
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