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new member, Craig D. Allen

Greetings, I'm a research ecologist with the US Geological Survey, grew up in Wisconsin where I still head back to make (red) maple syrup with family a bit north of Green Bay most springs, have been based in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico since 1986, more at:

My ecological research has been rather wide-ranging, from environmental histories of vegetation change and past/emerging patterns of fire to interactions with land managers on ecological restoration efforts -- in recent years working from multiple angles with many colleagues on climate-driven forest stress and tree mortality in the West and world-wide. Work I am involved with increasingly suggests that projected temperature increases this century of 2-4 degrees C may exceed the drought stress tolerances of historically dominant (i.e., old) trees perhaps globally, thus old trees and ancient forests may be at risk of wholesale die-off within decades -- given my love and appreciation of old trees, I find this deeply disturbing. So I have been thinking harder about what things are most important/constructive to be doing now, and my explorations into what other folks have been doing around such issues led me to run across the NTS online. I have tended to avoid bulletin boards (time/energy constraints), but NTS seems quite interesting and appears that it may be a venue to learn more and discuss some ideas that have been developing, so am looking forward to seeing what may emerge.

by Ecoloco
Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:41 pm
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