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Re: New sites on giant eucalypts

The eucalypts in these areas can get so big for a number of reasons:
1. Long absence of fire (450-500 years between catastophic fire)
2. Deep, relatively fertile loam type soils
3. Reliable rainfall 1000 to 2000mm per annum
4. Very fast growth -E. regnans can get very large very quickly - also tall - 83m tall in 70 years - this tree puts almost no energy into protecting its heartwood - all energy is put into growth (E viminalis, E globulus, E obliqua also can grow very quickly)
5. Usually this competition occurs after a catastrophic fire where millions of seedlings all compete for light and space - only the fastest and strongest survive!

Diversity - In Victoria, where conditions suit it, regnans rules - only in in marginal areas will other species mix with it - E nitens in higher elevations, E cypellocarpa and E obliqua in lower sites, and E viminalis in riparian zones.
In Tasmania, there is often a little more mixing of eucalypt species, however, the best stands of regnans are pure stands - E globulus attains its best size and height when it is associated with regnans. Similarly some of the best E obliqua grows in mixed regnans/ delegatensis/ obliqua forest.

Hope this helps
by Brett Mifsud
Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:57 pm
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