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Introducing myself

I happened upon the Native Tree Society's Facebook page earlier this year, and enjoy the posts very much. How can one not like a society whose magazine is named "eNTS"

I am retired from NC State University, but still work on wood anatomy, studying fossil plants and editing content of the InsideWood web site. This site was developed with collaboration of colleagues at the NC State library. If you want to see the insides of trees, this site likely has images, mostly taken with microscope, only a few macro, of their wood

http://insidewood.lib.ncsu. edu

As of Feb. 15 - the site has 6,085 Modern Wood descriptions and 39,112 Modern Wood images and 1,757 Fossil Wood descriptions and 2,325 Fossil Wood images.

The descriptions are based on microscopic features, so some background in wood anatomy is needed for the descriptions to make sense.
by litharborist
Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:56 am
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