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Re: South Jersey's wild Bald Cypress

I found this discussion on the Bald Cypress tree in South Jersey very interesting. I have been to Beaver Swamp many times
as an amature "bug /bird/tree/South Jersey" man. I never saw this tree but I will have to locate it on my next visit.

You might find this excerpt from “Noteworthy Trees of Cape May County, New Jersey”
By Robert C. Alexander. (Publisher: Cape May Geographic Society, Cape May, NJ, 1950) page 13 of interest.
( The "xxxx" placed in the locations were put there by me out of respect for the possible wishes of NTR members)

“31. In open woods on xxxxx shore of Sluice Creek, South Dennis, xxxx of dam at Clint’s Mill. Pointed out to Witmer Stone sometime before 1911 by Henry Walker Hand who mentioned a second cypress that formerly grew downstream towards the bay. Trappers found the tree at Clint’s Mill later and, at the time, it was given considerable publicity. This Bald Cypress was probably planted in the 1880’s by James van Gilder, a resident at Clint’s Mill, who was engaged in the shipping and lumber business in the south. Cir: 7 ft. 41/2 in. Ht: 55 ft. Sp: 25 ft. Owner: Frank R. Macklin, Philadelphia, Pa.”

(“31” is the location number that corresponds to the map supplied with the pamphlet.)

On the same page above this excerpt it is stated;

“Bald Cypress
30. Two trees in depression on front lawn on Anderson property, east side of Shore Road [Route 9], Ocean View, south of Mill Creek and nearly opposite Magnolia Lake. Planted in the 1800’s by one of the van Gilder brothers, former owners of this property who were engaged in the shipping and lumber business in the south, probably Thompson van Gilder. Trees said to have come from
The Frying Pan Swamps of North Carolina…”
by chamaecyparis
Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:42 pm
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Magnolia Lake Bald Cypress, NJ


I am sending you a couple of photos I took over the Easter weekend of 2 Bald Cypress trees growing in the front yard of a home on Route 9 in Oceanview, NJ directly across from Magnolia lake. This property is on the east side of Route 9 several hundred yards south of the entrance to Sea Isle City. The trees are about 6 or 7 miles northeast of the Cypress in Beaver Swamp.

Robert Kranefeld

by chamaecyparis
Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:30 am
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