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Richfield, Ohio location

Hi, I'm new here, and I'm fascinated by the study and research you guys are doing. I'm originally from NE Ohio and I find the discussions of large tree/old growth discoveries there incredibly interesting. I thought I'd pass along a site that I ran across many years ago while I was working on I-271 in Richfield. I was working as an intern engineer and during some slack time I wandered off the site and into a small patch of what looked to my inexperienced eyes as old growth. There were several species of trees there, all of which were the largest examples I had ever seen of each species. Also, the woods were notable for the lack of dense growth at ground level--it was very easy to walk through without a lot of underbrush and I could definitely use the term "forest cathedral" to characterize the experience. Anyway, here's where it is (I think, after 44 years!): Just about a half mile west of the intersection of I-271 and Brecksville Rd, on the north side of I-271 in a rough triangle bounded by I-271, Hawkins Rd., and Roberts Dr. I checked it out on Google Maps and it looks like it's still there. It's a very small patch, maybe 10-15 acres. Maybe you're already aware of it, or maybe I remembered wrong, but it might be worth a look with your LiDAR. Hope this is helpful!
by davidnrobyn
Tue May 29, 2012 2:09 am
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