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What's happening in Maine?

Hello fellow tree lovers. I just discovered ENTS. Looking through past postings I see very little interest in the trees in my homestate, Maine. I am an arborist and enjoy climbing. Although Maine does not have the climate to produce national champion trees, we have a register of big trees. I am interested in finding and measuring trees here in the Pine Tree State and would like to make contact with other people with the same.
I am puzzled to see in the tree measurement instructions no mention of climbing to measure the height. Emphasis is made on how important it is to have accurate measurements. Instruments can measure to within a foot it is said. Yet by climbing and dropping a tape or a line, one can measure quite precisely the height of a tree. For my part, it seems far more satisfying and exciting to climb a tree to measure its height. I hope someone more informed than I am can help me understand why climbing is not listed as the preferred method.
by tonytreeguy
Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:28 am
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