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NTS Tree Measuring Guidelines

NTS Tree Measuring Guidelines



Tree measurement Data Spreadsheet

We have been discussing for awhile creating a standard database into which all of our tree measurement data could be incorporated. This is the most important project facing ENTS as a scientific organization at the moment - the compilation and protection of the data we have collected and will collect. Toward that end I have created a spreadsheet that incorporates all of the various data fields we have discussed. -- Edward Frank


by edfrank
Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:37 pm
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Re: new user, any help?


I applaud the course you've chosen. It is a most interesting one. Let me add to what has already been said with some further recommendations.

1. I urge you to develop a broad repertoire of measurement tools. The Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society, available at the NTS website, contains many articles on tree measuring. I encourage you to read those articles, and feel free to discuss them with us. Also the posts on the BBS under the category of Dendromorphometry provide several advanced methods for tree measuring, which can come into play when the standard ones can't be successfully applied. In challenging situations, you need all the flexibility you can get. With your chosen course, the extra mathematics needed for the more advanced techniques shouldn't be a problem for you.

2. If you plan to eventually work in northern California, get to know Michael Taylor. He is the VP of the western arm of NTS - the Western Native Tree Society (WNTS). Michael will be your best teacher when it comes to tackling the West Coast behemoths, but there are also other topnotch tree measurers out there who are part of NTS, e.g. Mario Vaden. Get to know Mario. When you go to California, let Michael and Mario take you under their wing, so you start off right on the right foot out there. Remember, there are people on the West Coast with excellent academic/professional credentials who mis-measure the redwoods, sequoias, Douglas firs, etc., making height errors of 20 feet or more.

3. If you get into crown measurements, talk to our Mississippi buddy Larry Tucei Jr. He measurers the wide-crowned live oaks and is starting to do crown area calculations.

4. If you get a chance, attend one of the NTS workshops on tree measuring. This year we will have them in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. There will be others, but we have infrastructures in Cook Forest SP, PA, and Mohawk Trail State Forest, MA.

5. If you plan to become a tree climber, get to know Will Blozan, President of ENTS. Will is an arborist and scientific researcher of immense accomplishment. Will climbs professionally, but is also one of the top tree measurers at ground level on the planet. He can give you measuring insights that few others can match.

6. Stay on top of what NTS measurers are confirming for all the species that interest you. This will help you build a knowledge and understanding of what to expect of a species across its full geographical range, and put other sources of measurement into perspective. This area of knowledge is where NTS excels. Many tree hunters really don't know what to expect in terms of girths and heights for a species in varying parts of its range. They rely on state champion tree lists, which while getting better, still have a long way to go. the same can be said of the National Register.

7. Get to know the top tree measurers in NTS. Know who they are and maintain communications with them. I can start you off with an alphabetized list of the names you may encounter on the NTS BBS. These are tree measurers with varying levels of activity. You'll soon become acquainted with those of us who are driven, but all are important.

Name State

Beduhn, Brian North Carolina
Beluzo, Gary Massachusetts
Bertolette, Don Alaska
Bidlack, Doug Massachusetts
Blozan, Will North Carolina
Bouricius, Bart Massachusetts
Bragg, Don Arkansas
Brown, Rand Ohio
Copiz, Darin Maryland
Davie, Michael Tennessee
Dickerson, Eli Georgia
Eichholz, John Massachusetts
Fieo, George Pennsylvania
Fooman (Matt) New Zealand
Frank, Edward Pennsylvania
Frelich, Lee Minnesota
Galehouse, Steve Ohio
Goodwin, Sam Massachusetts
Hallow, Steve Pennsylvania
Harting, Carl Pennsylvania
Joslin, Andrew Massachusetts
Jost, Paul Wisconsin
Kelly, Josh North Carolina
LeClair, Ryan Connecticut
Leverett, Robert Massachusetts
Luthringer, Dale Pennsylvania
Philippona, Jeroen Netherlands
Rasanen, Kouta Germany
Riddle, Jess Georgia
Rouw, Mark Iowa
Sharp, Turner West Virginia
Taylor, Michael California
Van Pelt, Robert Washington
Vaden, Mario Oregon
Wade, Scott Pennsylvania

To all on the BBS, I apologize if I've omitted anyone. But regardless, Doug, please feel free to call on any of us, your brother and sister Ents.

by dbhguru
Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:03 am
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